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Qian Touch Monitor 17 Tiago - SKU: QPM-T17-01

  • - The fastest response time 17 " touchscreen monitor with a brightness level that produces a much sharper image and has a durability of 35 million of touches.
  • - 1280 x 1024p resolution monitor so your work or entertainment is seen fluidly and with bright colors.
  • - Up to 50Hz - 75Hz refresh rate for a effective, smoother visuals and no motion blur. The Qian Touch Monitor 17" Tigao also comes with a fixed stand.
  • - It has everything you need to easily connect your monitor to your device, it is equipped with VGA, HDMI, USB input.
  • - The Qian monitor offers a technology of brightness in proportion of 250 cd/m2 having a higher quality of display.

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